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Some spring activity before we hopped into summer: April

19 July 2017 | by Bixby

The last six months have been a whirlwind in many ways, and we have had very little discretionary time to post anything about all that’s been going on here. And now we are presently in the thick of preparing for our 9-week summer furlough. So without further adieu, we’ll give you a few pictures to […]

Quick and tiring trip, but safely back in France

13 March 2017 | by Bixby

After a 5-day trip to the USA for the funeral services of my father, we are back at home in France. We are extremely tired, but grateful to God for all the grace He has poured out on us. Thank you for your prayers.

Church planting seminar

21 November 2014 | by Bixby

Last Saturday, November 15, the pastoral team of the Baptist Church of Saint-Denis gathered together to hear from French pastor Jamel Attar, whom we had invited to explain the process his church went through in their efforts to mother a new church plant.  Jamel is co-pastor of a Baptist church in Caen (self-supporting and self-governing) […]

Teaching at the Bible Institute

18 November 2014 | by Bixby

The week of October 19, our family traveled 3.5 hours east for me to teach a course Bibliology in the Bible Institute there. I had eight students. As before, I greatly enjoyed the privilege of spending hours on end talking about the Bible with people who are interested! New this year was a 56-page manual […]

We long to see [French] churches full

4 September 2014 | by Bixby

On Sunday, August 24, 2014, we were privileged to attend the Sunday service at the Baptist church in Limoges, known worldwide for its porcelain. I preached and Ruth taught the junior church as a service to the pastor’s wife who rarely gets to sit through a sermon. The pastor and his wife are French. The […]

Weekend trip to Bordeaux

29 July 2014 | by Bixby

Editor’s note: This post was written before our most recent activities (nine days with a mission team from North Carolina) but is just now finally being published. Check back soon for more news about the busy week that followed this weekend in Bordeaux. School vacation began the evening of July 4th. This fact, coupled with […]

Missionary Conference

7 May 2014 | by Bixby

Though we are not with Baptist Mid-Missions, we were invited to attend their missionary conference which was held the week following Easter in a small village in the French Alps. We greatly enjoyed our week there with missionaries from France and Germany. We were especially glad to visit with my parents and also with Dan […]

A baptism at the church in Saint-Denis

12 March 2014 | by Bixby

On March 3, we had the blessing of attending the baptism of three brothers in Christ at the Baptist Church of Saint-Denis. Two of them were physical brothers as well (ages 51 and 53), themselves the brothers of another member of the church who was saved in 2006 through the testimony of an American Christian […]

Trip to Luxembourg

10 March 2014 | by Bixby

For some months, we had been planning a trip to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as part of our efforts to learn from other ministries and people. Thanks to a break in the children’s school schedule, and to the gracious invitation on the part of Tim and Kathy Heijermans, we were able to make the […]

Teaching at the Algrange Bible Institute

28 November 2013 | by Bixby

Teaching ministry On Sunday night, November 10, I kissed the family goodbye drove the car 3.5 hours to the northeast corner of France. I went to teach 16 hours of Bibliology in a small Bible institute there. Business or pleasure? The special treat was that on Monday afternoon, I got to pick up my wife […]