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"Christ became a servant . . . in order that the Gentiles might glorify God for his mercy." (Romans 15:8-9)

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December news & events

4 January 2017 | by Bixby

Home school inspection: While we do not yet have the final results, we think the inspection went quite well overall on December 15. The inspectors were kind, and the Lord definitely helped Miriam as she responded to their questions. Thank you for praying. Christmas outreach: Thanks so much to those of you who prayed for […]

A New Disciple of Jesus Christ

15 April 2016 | by Bixby

I want to update you all on Souad. We spoke about her and her husband in a recent blog post. Ahcène her husband is a Christian and she is Muslim—both from Algeria. Though saved in his youth, Ahcène didn’t want to stop dating Souad though he knew it was wrong. Souad hadn’t wanted to stop […]

Bible studies and discipleship opportunities

22 March 2016 | by Bixby

It’s been a while since we have updated you on some ongoing Bible study opportunities with specific individuals, and so here is a quick recap on several. We’d like to thank you for having prayed for many of these individuals already, and hope that this update will inform and encourage you so that you may continue […]

Update following the Saint-Denis raid

18 November 2015 | by Bixby

Dear Friends, Due to the recent terrorists attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis, several have been asking about our safety. We want to thank you for your prayers and concern for us as well as our Christian friends. As many of you know, Friday night we were at the church building in Saint-Denis for a couples’ […]

Answer to prayer

15 April 2015 | by Bixby

Thank you to all those who prayed for Tim’s mom. She received a very good post-op report today. Following is a note of update from his dad. Dear praying friends, We’ve not been home ½ hour from the consultation with the surgeon, and have written our French brethren already, but we want to write you […]

Two prayer requests

4 April 2015 | by Bixby

You may remember our telling you of Farah, who was born again a year ago. She will be baptized in an afternoon service tomorrow, Easter Sunday, along with three or four other people at the Saint-Denis Church. She came to our home last Sunday night to go through her testimony with Ruth and me. Not having a […]