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Building update following second visit

21 October 2017 | by Bixby

Thank you for many expressions of interest and for your prayers regarding the recent building opportunity our church has been given. It has been more than a month now that in a conversation with the owner of the restaurant where our church presently meets, he mentioned that he had heard somewhere of a building that […]

Letter regarding potential building purchase

20 October 2017 | by Bixby

Below is a letter that seeks to explain our current situation as we look toward the possibility of purchasing a building for our church plant. It is from a friend and fellow church member Vincent Dormieux, a French businessman who is part of the leadership in our mother church at Saint Denis. We trust it will help you better understand the opportunity […]

Some spring activity before we hopped into summer: May

19 July 2017 | by Bixby

The last six months have been a whirlwind in many ways, and we have had very little discretionary time to post anything about all that’s been going on here. So without further adieu, we’ll give you a few pictures to at least hit the highlights … May 19: We had the joy of hosting in our […]

Group Bible Studies

30 November 2016 | by Bixby

I recently finished another series of evangelistic Bible studies in the home of one of our church families (whose apartment overlooks the Seine river). One of the unsaved participants wrote us later to say thank you “for the time you take to share you faith and particularly for the study last night. I was very […]

Fall “Discovery Meetings” in new location

24 November 2016 | by Bixby

We have held our last two “Discovery Meetings” in a new location: the unused restaurant of a local hotel in the neighboring town of Garges-lès-Gonesse. By way of reminder, these Discovery Meetings are special evangelistic services held on Sunday afternoon. Over the course of the last year and a half, we have held more than 10 […]

Church Plant Fellowship Meal

1 October 2016 | by Bixby

On Sunday, September 11, 2016, we held a special fellowship dinner at our home following our morning worship service at the restaurant in Sarcelles. We were joined by the elders and their wives from our mother church in Saint-Denis. It was a blessing to spend an afternoon together in fellowship. We had an afternoon service […]

Swiss team: August 4-6

29 September 2016 | by Bixby

Since moving into our home on May 17 of this year, we have marveled time and again at how God’s provision has been just the right fit for our family and ministry needs. Having told the Lord that our home belongs first and foremost to him and that we wanted it to be used for […]

Bible studies and discipleship opportunities

22 March 2016 | by Bixby

It’s been a while since we have updated you on some ongoing Bible study opportunities with specific individuals, and so here is a quick recap on several. We’d like to thank you for having prayed for many of these individuals already, and hope that this update will inform and encourage you so that you may continue […]

Tract for distribution following Paris attacks

3 March 2016 | by Bixby

In our December prayer letter, we informed you that we were working in conjunction with our mother church to prepare a special tract written specifically for Saint-Denis residents following the fear-inspiring Paris attacks and raid at Saint-Denis last November. An initial distribution in a number of neighborhoods in Saint-Denis was held on December 28. Since […]

First Worship Service in Sarcelles

15 October 2015 | by Bixby

The Lord blessed us with a good first morning corporate worship service this past Sunday at the same restaurant in which we have had the Discovery Meetings (one Sunday afternoon per month). There were 37 present by our count. From that number, six were local contacts we have made through the new work, two of […]