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December news & events

4 January 2017 | by Bixby

Home school inspection: While we do not yet have the final results, we think the inspection went quite well overall on December 15. The inspectors were kind, and the Lord definitely helped Miriam as she responded to their questions. Thank you for praying. Christmas outreach: Thanks so much to those of you who prayed for […]

Multi-Church Retreat

23 November 2016 | by Bixby

The four Baptist churches in the Bordeaux region share an annual retreat during the All Saints’ holiday weekend. I, Tim, attended those retreats as a teenager, and we participated in several as a family while living in the region. This year I was invited back to be the speaker. The theme was “Faith in anxiety” (“La […]

Answer to prayer

15 April 2015 | by Bixby

Thank you to all those who prayed for Tim’s mom. She received a very good post-op report today. Following is a note of update from his dad. Dear praying friends, We’ve not been home ½ hour from the consultation with the surgeon, and have written our French brethren already, but we want to write you […]

Weekend trip to Bordeaux

29 July 2014 | by Bixby

Editor’s note: This post was written before our most recent activities (nine days with a mission team from North Carolina) but is just now finally being published. Check back soon for more news about the busy week that followed this weekend in Bordeaux. School vacation began the evening of July 4th. This fact, coupled with […]

Week in Bordeaux

30 October 2013 | by Bixby

The children are presently in the middle of a two-week school holiday, called “All-Saints vacation” because it surrounds the November 1 All-Saints day. On Tuesday, October 22, we boarded the train at the CDG airport (with our large-family discount cards, training was cheaper than taking the van) and traveled down to Bordeaux for the week. […]

Baugham/Pinner visit

22 June 2013 | by Bixby

Last week we were privileged to host a supporting pastor and his wife, Brad and Becky Baugham, along with a couple from their church Brian and Tessa Pinner. The main purpose of their coming to Europe was for the four of them to participate in series of Bible conference/evangelistic meetings in Austria and Germany. With […]

New bridge in Bordeaux

25 March 2013 | by Bixby

Bordeaux now has the largest drawbridge in Europe. It doesn’t work the way most “draw” bridges work. Rather, its central panel (which is as heavy as the Eiffle Tower in Paris) lifts up in the middle. It was inaugurated by the French president on March 15, 2013. We just drove over it for the first […]

Language proficiency exams (reposted)

26 May 2011 | by Bixby

[This entry was recreated and reposted due to a glitch with our blogging software.] This week Ruth and I both took special exams given by International Centre of Pedagogical Studies (CIEP) for the country’s Ministry of Education and administered by the university here in Bordeaux where we just finished a semester of study. The exam […]

Christmas program

9 December 2010 | by Bixby

It’s that time of year again! Our church in Pessac will be joining her other two area sister churches once again in giving an evangelistic Christmas cantata. (Though it is not an annual event, the three churches have combined to do this sort of thing quite regularly in the past.) This year we will be […]

Tract Distribution

23 September 2010 | by Bixby

Just like last year about this time, we have begun distributing invitations to the church in the university-owned dormitories which are divided into six “villages.” We’ve been out twice so far and have covered Villiges 4 and 5. On the second outing, I took Micaiah and Miriam along. Micaiah had helped last year, but this […]