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Building update

29 September 2017 | by Bixby

September 29, 2017

Dear friends,

We thank the many who prayed regarding an important meeting we had yesterday concerning the possible purchase of a church building. For those who are interested, I’m including below the report I wrote last night to our church people (translated into English, of course).

If you want to know more about why we think this building of around 6,000 ft2 would ideally fit our needs, see blog here.

Thank you so much for your prayers and for your gracious notes of encouragement!

Grace & peace in Christ,
Tim Bixby



Dear all,

I know that you have prayed for the meeting today, so I owe you a report! Albert and I spent more than an hour meeting with three people, among whom was the CEO of the business and the “general director” (over their multiple Ford dealerships) who happens to be the owner of the building.

Here is the first request that I asked you to pray for in my last email: “Pray that God will clearly close the door if this building is not what He wants for us. We should never pray to force the hand of God, but to implore him to act according to His will.”

The door is not closed. In fact, far from it. The decision-makers acted as if they want to pursue this possibility with us.

Here is another request I mentioned: “Pray that, if God wants us to advance in this project, He will make these men very favorable to us and give to them a desire to help us make it happen.”

Towards the end of the discussion, the general director said that he thought that this possibility would be “a good path to pursue.” Albert and I both felt that he was sincere in his desire to see us move into the building. I find in that one fact an immense encouragement. Because of the loan obligations that presently exist on the building, they cannot resell it for another four years. But they are willing right now to start negotiating the selling price. In addition, they are going to consider offering us a “rent-to-own” option that would allow us to avoid having to go through the process of seeking a bank loan.

Here are the next steps:

  1. On our end, we are planning to revisit the building to confirm that it is suitable for us and that we would desire to purchase it.
  2. On their end, they have given themselves a month to prepare a concrete offer, taking into account our special requests, etc.
  3. After we receive their offer, we will tell them if we can accept it or not.

Honestly, the doors seem to be opening before us in every area but one: money.

Here was another request that I mentioned: “Pray that God will provide financially in a way that fills us with wonder and demonstrates His grandeur.”It is here that we haven’t yet seen the answer! It may be that it will be this factor that the Lord uses to close the door before us. But, since He hasn’t done it yet, we must continue to pray!

Here are two ways in which God could act if it’s His will:

  • God could move these men to offer us an even better deal than what they have proposed so far; and/or …
  • God could provide from another source the money that is needed.
It is, of course, only after they present us with a concrete offer that we will have to give them an answer. So for now, we have some more time to pray in order to see what God will do!Here is the last request I shared in my email: “Pray that God will grow our faith through this experience.” I sense that God is already doing this! Let us pray that He will continue this work in us!
Fraternellement dans sa grâce,

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