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Additional facts about potential meeting hall

29 September 2017 | by Bixby

For those who are interested in more information about the building we are considering for a future meeting hall, here are few facts.


How we came into contact with the owner:

The CEO of the business (among other ventures, he owns multiple Ford and Citroën dealerships) told us that we were lucky to have already heard about the building’s availability since it is not even posted anywhere yet. (A dance school presently occupies the building. However, they haven’t paid rent in more than a year! The owners can’t do anything until the police evict them, which should happen during the first part of October. That is the reason is why they have yet to advertise the place to seek new renters.) We assured him that it was not by chance that we learned of their need!

However, humanly speaking:

  • The only reason I met the owner is because I happened to walk into the building at a time he himself was visiting. (He works out of another city.)
  • The only reason I went into that building is because the restaurant owner of the conference room where we presently meet mentioned to me that he had heard they were trying to rent a room. (How he knew, I still don’t know!)
  • The only reason I learned about this possibility is that I had gone to see our restaurant owner specifically about a complaint he had about our children’s chairs leaving marks on his floors!


Some of the details that would make this meeting place ideal:

  • It is less than three years old. It feels new and the entire area is flooded with light from windows on nearly every side. (The room in the restaurant where we presently meet has no windows!)
  • It is large with nearly 6,000 square feet.
  • It already meets fire code for large groups. The CEO told us in the meeting, “We didn’t know what it would be used for, so we went ahead and spent a little extra money to put in emergency exits, etc., so that it could be used to hold up to 300 people.” We presently have a Christian architect checking on all the details to confirm this fact for us, but we find it amazing that the building was constructed in this way, since even a large “office space” would not have the same government regulations as a “public meeting space.” These requirements have been a major hurdle in finding a place to rent since the average storefront or office building is not zoned to receive public meetings.
  • It has parking. This, too, has been a big hurdle in our search for a meeting place. At this location, there are more than 20 spaces right out front that we would share with the Ford dealership. (They like the fact that our main activities will be on Sunday since their business is closed that day.) However, right around the corner a large multiplex cinema is being constructed. The city is building a huge public parking lot that will extend from behind the cinema building all the way to right behind the dealership! That means that eventually there should be more than enough parking spaces for even our largest events!
  • This site would be well suited to us because of the situation with our would-be neighbors in the other part of the building. The part of the building that we are considering is actually attached at the side and over the top of a Ford dealership. (The main entrance for our church building would be set off to the side, but the largest part of the space, the area where we would hold our church services, stretches out on the floor above the dealership.) We know of other French churches that have established themselves in a residential area where they have had to deal with complaints about noise, parking, etc. Here, the dealership would be closed on Sunday and in the evenings, at times when the majority of our activities would take place.
  • It is highly visible. The building faces a major road. It is right across the street from a very large shopping mall. A large cinema complex is being constructed right next to it. Another car dealership may go in on the other side.


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