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Some spring activity before we hopped into summer: June

19 July 2017 | by Bixby

The last six months have been a whirlwind in many ways, and we have had very little discretionary time to post anything about all that’s been going on here. So without further adieu, we’ll give you a few pictures to at least hit the highlights …

June 3-5: Tim preached and our entire family attended a weekend seminar on the theme of worship (Ephesians 1) in northern France (Thionville).

June 5-10: We enjoyed hosting missionary (to Cameroon) Ellen Doyle for a week who was in France to visit Tim’s mom and receive some follow-up medical care. Her visit intersected with another visit from our good friends the McCauleys and the Musical Mission Team. We were thrilled to receive a handful of unsaved guests, notably Zacharie’s teacher and her boyfriend, who attended the evangelistic concert that was hosted at the church of Saint-Denis.

June 11-14: Enjoyed a visit from some more family! Tim’s brother Dan and his wife Brenda as well as Tim’s sister Donna came through on their way to and from spending some extended time with Mom Bixby. It was also great to host our nieces Isabelle and Patience who were traveling with them.

June 27: A couple busy weeks of end-of-school-year activities coupled with big trip preparations culminated in our departure for a 9-week furlough in the USA!

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