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October: School vacation and family visit!

19 November 2016 | by Bixby

Visit with Sis

Our last catchup post overviewed our kids’ re-entry into school after summer vacation. Fast-forward six weeks later to October 19, and it was already time for their first two-week break! The activities for this school vacation had been put on the calendar months before, however, when Ruth’s little sister and her husband bought their tickets to come over and visit us for the first time since our move to France in 2009. Jim & Rachel small spent eight full and exciting days with us. We wanted to give them the truly French experience, and we managed to pack in a lot! Boat ride on the Seine, day trip to a medieval city, Versailles, the Louvre, Europe’s horse capital Chantilly (Rachel’s personal favorite since she has many years of experience in the trade). But more than all the fun touring and showing them some of our favorite things about France, we really just enjoyed the family time. We joke that we helped Jim & Rachel set their wedding date, as they had had to move it up to accommodate our move to Europe back in 2009,  but we really have not been able to spend much time with them since then, so it was nice just to be together and to give them an up-close and personal view of our life here.

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