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Update following the Saint-Denis raid

18 November 2015 | by Bixby

Dear Friends,

Due to the recent terrorists attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis, several have been asking about our safety. We want to thank you for your prayers and concern for us as well as our Christian friends.

As many of you know, Friday night we were at the church building in Saint-Denis for a couples’ meeting when three suicide bombers exploded themselves less than two miles away. This morning (Wednesday, November 18) a police raid in Saint-Denis has brought the deaths of two individuals, one a woman who exploded herself through a detonated belt.

One young lady in the church who lives in the same neighborhood as this morning’s raid called Ruth first thing this morning very frightenend by all that was happening around her. She had left her apartment to the sound of a helicopter overhead and the sight of armed police officers and blocked streets and to discover all her normal means of public transportation on lockdown. Another church member who works right across from the soccer stadium in Saint-Denis requested prayer for his own peace of mind and for his interactions with his unsaved coworkers who are very troubled by the events. A fear-filled, unsaved mother of some young people who attend the church in Saint-Denis has forbidden them to come anymore because the church is in Saint-Denis. You can probably imagine that living through such a drama up close can be very unsettling. Here is how you can pray:

  • Pray that the peace of Christ would reign in the hearts of believers.
  • Pray that God would work in people’s minds and hearts to cause them to think of their own eternity, their own sin, and their own relationship to God.
  • Pray that God would give us protection and trust in the Lord. (Micaiah and I are presently three-and-a-half hours east of the city where I am teaching a class on Anthropology in a Bible Institute. We plan to return to the family tomorrow evening.)
  • Pray that God would give us wisdom and open doors as a result. Saturday night, the day after the attacks, we spent a hour sitting at our table with a Muslim man discussing God and our need of a savior. Ruth’s Muslim friend from our Bordeaux days immediately wrote her to assure her these were not “true” Muslims.” These occasions are open doors for which we give thanks. We are none-the-less aware of our inability to convince anyone of their need to worship the one, true God apart. Plead with us that the Holy Spirit would do His work of opening eyes.
  • You could also pray specifically that these events would cause many of the nominal Muslims of our country to question the tenants of their religion, as we are seeing firsthand how their natural response is just to say, “Those terrorists aren’t true Muslims.”

Resting in a good and sovereign God,

Tim and Ruth Bixby

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