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Baugham/Pinner visit

22 June 2013 | by Bixby

Last week we were privileged to host a supporting pastor and his wife, Brad and Becky Baugham, along with a couple from their church Brian and Tessa Pinner. The main purpose of their coming to Europe was for the four of them to participate in series of Bible conference/evangelistic meetings in Austria and Germany. With their plans to come to Europe already in place, they graciously paid the extra expenses of adding in a leg to their trip and worked out a way to incorporate us in their tour.

The visit was short (from Tuesday until Thursday of last week), but we managed to cram in a little touring, a lot of talking and a Wednesday evening preaching/music program. They experienced true French life as they had to spend several extra hours in the Paris airport due to strikes, and then the Baughams arrived in Bordeaux without their luggage, but that only served to add interest to their stay and strengthen our bond as they dug into our belongings to see how our things could best serve them. =) They were real troopers about it all, and their luggage did arrive on Wednesday afternoon before the evening service.

They did an evangelistic program called “From Garden to City: the Story of the Gospel” in which they included some music specials, Scripture readings and an illustrative, changing art display by Tessa.  Brad then preached on what God is doing in the world through the Church (an overview of Ephesians). It was very nice, and very appreciated by those who attended. We were especially encouraged by the fact that my (Ruth’s) friend Isabelle N. came. Unfortunately, her small children prevented her from sitting through the entire meeting, but then so did mine =/, but Becky and I were able to sit and chat with her in the nursery during the preaching. I am convinced that it served as a building block, as we did have a little bit of spiritual conversation. We are also just grateful for every opportunity for her and her family to interact with our church people and to remove any inhibitions or preconceptions an outsider might have about what church is like. Along those lines, we are  also glad that her children have participated in a Friday night children’s meeting twice in recent months.

We have good memories of our time with Brad and Becky, as well as Brian and Tessa. We are very grateful that they gave of their time and money to visit with us. We are reminded of the fact that God faithfully provides for us through the sacrificial (regular) giving of other Christians. Visits such as these help make our partnership with a church more tangible, reminding us that it is not just a financial transaction, but a mutual effort. We hope that they will come again.

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